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The Dangers of Driving without Auto Insurance

Many people attempt to forgo insurance for their vehicles in an attempt to save a little money. While it may seem enticing at first, many problems arise when you take to the road without adequate coverage. You should never take on such a risk as the financial consequences can be substantial. What is the Risk? The danger of driving without insurance is often underestimated, but when you make such a dangerous decision, you must account for the risks, such as: Citations – Nobody likes to get a ticket, but unfortunately if you are caught by a police officer driving without auto insurance, you will receive a one for the violation. Depending on your state, the fee could be up to thousands of dollars. Vehicle Impounding – Because of the dangers of driving without insurance, police can have your vehicle towed and impounded until you provide proof of insurance. Until such time you can continue to take on impound fees. Paying [...]

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Do I Need Small Business Insurance?

Any small business owner can attest to the fact that running a business comes with substantial risk. If you are just starting up a risk can be detrimental to your business and potentially ruin you. The best way to fight back against such a risk is by investing in insurance for your small business. Take a look at these policies to determine which one is right for you. Automobile Insurance – Company vehicles are a risk because they carry personnel along with equipment and products. Automobile insurance policies can also be useful even if you don’t have company vehicles because it can insure employees’ personal vehicles if they use them for work. Property Insurance – Best for business owners who also own their building, property insurance covers both your building as well as your business property which can include product inventory, computers, or any other office equipment. This policy also protects against fire, theft, and vandalism. General Liability Insurance – [...]

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4 Tips to Choosing the Best Florida Auto Insurance for You

Picking an auto insurance policy can be daunting and understandably so. Understanding the proper approach to finding the perfect policy is crucial because there are various factors that play into how your policy is formed. You should be aware of the following elements to get the best Florida auto insurance for you: 1.    Use Insurance Comparison Tools Comparison tools allow you to shop around and compare the pricing between insurance carriers. Using this to your advantage, you can ensure the best pricing for your insurance needs. 2.    Know What You Are Insuring You can find the best insurance policy by knowing what you want to insure. Several types of insurance policies differ greatly in their coverage. For instance, collision coverage, covers damage on your vehicle up to the blue book value, whereas bodily injury liability protects against injuries, death cases, and your legal costs if you hit somebody. 3.    Understand Your Demographics Who you are plays a substantial role in what policy [...]

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Why Is It Important to Get Homeowner’s Insurance?

As a homeowner, you want to be as careful as possible in making sure that you are not putting yourself at significant financial risk. When you take out a homeowner’s insurance policy, you welcome a plethora of benefits to yourself and home. These benefits include: •    Liability Coverage – No matter how many precautions you take, people can still potentially get hurt on your property. Homeowner’s insurance offers liability policies to provide coverage for anyone who incurs an injury on your property. •    Coverage Against Your Possessions –Homeowner’s insurance protects against damage or destruction of your belongings in the event of a disaster. It is crucial to keep an inventory of what you own and estimate the value to ensure the correct amount of coverage if you need to file a claim. •    Necessary for Mortgage – Most mortgage contracts require you to have a homeowner’s insurance policy to secure their financial investment. More often than not if you want to mortgage your home, [...]

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How to Save Money on Your Auto Insurance

Every driver needs auto insurance. When you find yourself shopping for insurance, naturally price is going to be a major concern. Just because certain insurance rates are high doesn’t mean that you are out of options to keep costs low. There are many ways to reduce your insurance prices through discount options. •    Excellent Credit Score – Due to the implications of a high or low credit score, some car insurance companies use your credit history to assess the likelihood of future claims. When you have an excellent credit score, your chances of qualifying for a lower rate go up. •    No Accidents – When your driving history is clean, you successfully communicate to your insurance company that you are an insignificant risk for them to insure. By providing such a low risk, you can be compensated via a lower insurance rate. •    Vehicle Safety – Some insurance companies offer discounts after your vehicle passes safety inspections. A passing grade [...]

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5 Ways to Lower Your Home Insurance Costs

Your home is one of the most crucial elements of your life. It is where you eat, sleep, and live, and it contains all of your most important possessions. Given this substantial significance imbued upon your home, it only makes sense to protect it with homeowner’s insurance. Unfortunately, in certain instances, homeowner’s insurance can be quite expensive, but when you follow these tips, you can reduce your insurance costs to keep your home safe, without breaking the bank. 1.    Increase Security – A great way to lower insurance costs is by beefing up your home security. Deadbolt locks on doors and burglar alarms reduce your chance of a break in, and efficient smoke detectors with fire alarms and a sprinkler system lower your risk of fire damage. Not only do these make your house safer in the eyes of your insurer, but they keep you and your family safe as well. 2.    Seek a Higher Deductible – While it may [...]

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Corkhill Insurance – How are Condo and Home Insurance Different?

Condo insurance and home insurance cover different types of dwellings. However, these types of insurance are quite different from each other. At Corkhill Insurance, our team can help you to determine the right type of insurance for your specific needs. You should know the difference in these types of coverage in all cases. Homeowners and renters benefit from having insurance to protect their assets. If you own a condo unit, you want to be sure you have ample financial protection against risks such as theft, fire, and lawsuits filed against you. Your condo association will generally require you to maintain proper insurance. There are two specific forms of condo insurance you’ll need. The first is a master policy, which you will pay into through the association to cover structures that are owned by everyone in the condo development. This includes the roof, structural walls shared, recreation areas, and the grounds. The second policy you’ll need is an individual coverage. This [...]

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The Importance of Commercial Property Insurance

Any business owner will tell you that a lot of things led to their success. They might not realize it, but one of the best steps they took along the way was to purchase commercial property insurance. When it comes to protecting your business, there’s nothing better than having this specialized policy. Why You Need It Living in Central Florida, we realize how much just one hurricane can affect a community and its economy. Weather related damage is often cited when a business suffers losses. In fact, many businesses have gone under because the recovery bills were just too much. Having a commercial property policy could have saved them. In most cases, policies cover all of nature’s most destructive elements, including flooding and high winds. It’s not just weather that can wreak havoc. From reckless drivers who damage structures to thieves that take your office equipment, a commercial property insurance policy replaces everything. It takes your mind off of recovery [...]

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5 Things Orlando Condo Owners Should to Know About Insurance

Whether you are a first time condo buyer or a homeowner who is downsizing, there are five things you should know about insuring your condo. Condo Insurance is Different Than Other Home Policies Your condo association will have a master HOA policy that deals with coverage of building, grounds, and other external features. Your own policy covers personal possessions, appliances, and some other unit features. If you need to file a claim it can involve one or both insurers. Resist the Urge to Ask About Cost First Knowledge and trust are just as important. Speak to an agent ask them to explain the products to you as well as their features and unique coverages packages. The knowledge of your agent should be easily conveyed in a quick conversation either on the phone or in person. Knowing your agent is dedicated to serving you and their knowledge about the products is often more important than the cost. Don’t be Fooled by [...]

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Does Your Insurance Cover Holiday Mishaps?

The holidays are a wonderful time of year. With family get-togethers, delicious food, and warm celebrations, homeowner’s insurance is likely the last thing on your mind. Here are three holiday mishaps that occur every year – are you covered? All the Grease from Your Turkey Goes down the Drain – Grease is abundant in any holiday kitchen, and it can be a hassle to dispose of properly. Pouring it down the drain is so easy! But grease can solidify in pipes, causing them to back up or break. The Verdict: Most homeowner’s policies do not cover sewer backup damage, but you should be able to purchase this coverage for an additional yearly fee. You Burn the Turkey … and the House – Home fires and home fire-related accidents increase during the holiday season. There are flammable Christmas trees, holiday lights, and an abundance of cooking, making fires more likely to occur. The Verdict: While you should always check to make [...]

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General Liability Insurance in Orlando

When you run a commercial business in Florida, you’ve probably heard that general liability insurance is a must. This type of insurance protects your assets by  paying for certain obligations on behalf of your company. For instance, if an employee or customer slips and falls on your premises, then general liability insurance will pay for: •    The injured person’s medical costs. •    Your legal costs. •    Settlements if you are sued. General liability can also protect you against any liability caused by fires and other property damage when you rent a store or commercial office. It can cover claims related to false advertising, copyright infringement, and libel, as well. The amount of general liability coverage will depend on your business and the risk that comes with it. For instance, builders will need more insurance coverage than marketing consultants in an office. Here are a few smart reasons why your Florida business needs general liability insurance: •    Paying for legal costs [...]

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Your Guide to Boat Safety in Florida

Florida is a great state for year-round boating activities, but the regular activity raises your risk of accidents and injuries. In 2015, boaters reported 438 injuries associated with recreational boating. If you own a watercraft and plan to head out to the intercostal waterways, lakes, or the coast anytime soon, remember these tips for staying safe: Get to know boating regulations. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission regularly updates its website. Access the website to learn about mandatory watercraft education laws, safety tips, and more. Invest in Florida boat insurance. If you own a vessel, boat insurance protects your property and may offset your financial liability in the future. Boat insurance policies can cover property damage, uninsured boater damage, passenger injuries, and damage/injuries to other vessels. Pay attention. Operators can avoid many boating incidents if they pay close attention to the environment, weather conditions, and obstacles in the water. Practice watching all around you any time you ride on [...]

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Important Dos and Don’ts of Home Insurance

The Basics When buying insurance for your home, it is important to have a full understanding of what home insurance entails. Every insurance company is different, so it’s important to ask each company specific questions. In general, however, here is a breakdown of what is and what is not covered by most insurance companies. What they do cover: Fire/Smoke Lightning Theft Ice/Snow Frozen Pipes Injuries within the home What they don’t cover: Flood Nuclear Accidents War Earthquakes Terrorist Attacks The entire cost of rebuilding your home* *Remember that what you paid for your home could be lower or higher than what it costs to build your home. Make sure you get enough coverage to ensure the entire cost of rebuilding your home. If a disaster were to happen, you wouldn’t want to find out you were underinsured. Florida Home Insurance   Summers in Florida will surely bring storms, many of them severe. It is especially important to make sure you have [...]

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Surprising Factors That Can Affect Auto Insurance Rates

Most of our customers know a few things that can affect auto insurance rates, such as serious or frequent accidents. At Corkhill Insurance, we want you to know both the common reasons for insurance rate increases as well as some surprising factors that can affect auto insurance rates. The more you know, the more time and money you can save—and the more you can enjoy your driving experience. Watch Your Credit Your credit score and the timeliness of your credit card payments are two of many surprising factors that affect auto insurance rates. If you have poor credit, you could pay up to twice as much for insurance as drivers who have good credit and pay their bills on time. In fact, a bad credit score could do more harm to your auto insurance rates than a DUI conviction. Stay in touch with your bank to ensure your credit is strong. Go to School College, that is. Drivers with good [...]

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Importance of Orlando Homeowner’s Insurance

Unlike owning a car, it is possible to legally own a home without carrying homeowner’s insurance. If the property is mortgaged, however, lenders will require that the home is insured. This requirement is included in the loan agreement in order to protect the lender’s investment. Once you are mortgage free, the decision to purchase homeowner’s insurance is left at the discretion of the homeowner. Corkhill Insurance strongly recommends that as long as Orlando homeowners live in their homes, they carry a homeowner’s insurance policy. Unforeseen damages occur in homes daily, and without proper coverage, this can become extremely costly for homeowner. Most Common and Costly Homeowner’s Claims Between 2009 and 2015, weather related damages were found to be the most common causes of homeowner’s insurance claims. Exterior wind damage was among the most prevalent issues caused by weather and accounted for 25% of the losses. Water damages from broken pipes also had a large impact with 19% of the losses, [...]

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How Your Garaging Address Affects Your Auto Insurance Rate

With new technology enabling insurers to verify the garaging location of your vehicle, it is very important for auto policy holders to understand the meaning of the term “garaging address” and how it affects them. What is Your Garaging Address? Insurers define your garaging address as the primary location where your car will be kept. For most persons, this is where they reside, but oftentimes different situations arise. You’re a snowbird you say, and you split your time between two states? Well, your garaging address would be where most of your time is spent. For example, if you spend your four winter months in Florida and the rest of the year in Washington State, then your address in Washington State is your garaging address. How does it affect your auto insurance? Insurers calculate your insurance rate by formulating different pieces of information. Your garaging address is one key piece that can determine whether or not your rate is high or [...]

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What Should Go in your Safe or Safe-Deposit Box?

Spring is here, and with it comes that liberating feeling of cleaning and organizing things in your home. After you’ve cleaned the cobwebs out of the corners and dusted your home, don’t forget to have a look at your important documents you have in your safe, or safe-deposit box at the bank. Ask yourself, which documents do you need to keep? Which can you destroy? If you don’t have either a safe in your home or a safe deposit box at the bank, here are some things to consider about each option. Home Safes Generally, these are best suited for protecting documents and valuables you may need to access on short notice, like jewelry or fine watches. Keep in mind that while a residential safe does provide protection against fire and theft, they aren’t as well fortified as commercial models. For the best protection from a home safe, choose one that is too heavy to carry, and bolt it to [...]

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Tips for Staying Safe While Navigating Rainy Roadways

It’s just a drizzle or a light thunderstorm, how dangerous can the rain really be? The answer: more than you might think. In even a light rain you’re likely to experience greatly reduced visibility, reduced traction, and increased difficulty in handling your car both normally and in emergency situations. What are you supposed to do when you need to be somewhere, but it’s raining or just finished raining? Here are some tips to help you get from point A to point B safely: •    Make yourself visible: Any rain falling at the moment, or spray from the tires of other cars around you can really reduce how far you can see. Make it easier for others to see you by turning your lights on. •    Slow down: If you’ve ever hydroplaned, you know how terrifying it can be. This occurs when the front tires of your vehicle are riding on a film of water instead of the actual road, causing [...]

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