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What is Workers Compensation Insurance?

  • Workers’ compensation protects you and your business in the event of employee injury that occurs during the course of employment.

Important things to note when considering worker’s compensation:

  • With workers’ compensation, the employee’s right to sue the employer for negligence is removed.
  • Coverage provides replacement of wages and medical benefits to the injured employee.
  • Workers’ compensation plans depend on the carrier and the insured, but can include a variety of options like reimbursement of medical costs, payment of medical costs, replacement of wages (both current and future), and benefits paid to the remaining dependent of an employee killed during the course of their employment. Most policies come with an employers’ liability section with insures your legal expenses in the case of fraudulent illness or injury claims. This section usually allows for customization with regard to the amount.
  • Coverage for employees who are injured in states outside those where your business normally operates.
  • Coverage for various types of injuries and illnesses. The mandated part of this section depends on the state where your business is located, but you should be aware of what is and is not covered.
  • Typically not included in workers’ compensation plans are damages relating to pain and suffering or punitive damages for employer negligence.
  • Current statutes provide information about time lengths or amount paid during a workers’ compensation claim, but this can be limited by the type of injury.
  • Most states and companies require workers’ compensation coverage, and businesses that do not comply expose themselves to the potential risk of a costly employee injury.
  • Workers’ compensation systems and rules are different from state to state, so it’s critical to examine specific state requirements and rules to make sure that your policy and coverage are compliant.
  • Not all businesses might need workers’ compensation. A sole proprietor or partnership may not need coverage unless those businesses maintain employees who are not owners. In this case, owners may insure themselves for the purposes of workers’ compensation, but it’s often not required.

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