Getting a driver’s license is a right of passage for all teenagers. It is knowing that a little bit of extra freedom is right at their fingertips. For parents though, it can be one of the most daunting and scary prospects around – their child behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. As soon as a teenager is ready to get their license, it is time to contact an Orlando car insurance agency to go over the different auto insurance options. A good Orlando auto insurance company will provide all the tips and tricks parents need to know when it comes to purchasing auto insurance and getting the best possible coverage.

Parents should always speak with their auto insurance carrier as soon as their teenage son or daughter receives their learner’s permit for driving. Learner’s permits require that the teenager has a licensed adult driver in the car with them at all time. Because teenage drivers with a permit are under continual supervision while they are behind the wheel of a car, most insurance companies consider the overall risk of accident to be quite small. Because of such, most insurance companies will not increase the charge on those who have their learner’s permit. However, parents are still obligated to let the insurance company know of the change so it can be documented in case there is an accident with the teenager behind the wheel.

The first thing that parents need to realize is that auto insurance will be more expensive once they put a teenage driver on their policy. Teenage drivers are largely inexperienced and have a much higher rate of speeding and accidents than more experienced drivers. The statistics regarding teenage drivers are not generally in their favor. While parents need to deal with the fact that their premium will drastically jump, there are ways to ensure it does not jump too high. One of the best ways to lower the cost of auto insurance is to have their student take a driver’s education course. A number of Orlando car insurance companies provide additional discounts for teenagers who have completed driver’s education. Further discounts are given if teenagers also take a defensive driving course. After completion of this course, teenagers send their certificate of completion in and the insurance company will take further percentages off the cost of insurance.

There are many other ways to lower Orlando auto insurance and ensure the safety of teenagers behind the wheel. One option that is often recommended is to purchase the teenager an inexpensive, used car, rather than a new one. Another way to lower auto insurance is to install a number of safety features or ensure they come with the vehicle, including anti-lock brakes, dual side air bags, and an alarm system in case the car is broken into. Some insurance companies even provide discounts to students who have high grade point averages in school. Many auto insurance companies believe there to be a correlation between how well a teenager drives and how they do in school – students that get higher grades in their courses tend to be better drivers on the road. While there is no scientific proof, many insurance companies do offer it as an extra incentive…and it is also good for parents who not only want to save money, but have their teenage child or children do better in their classes. Parents should also always lead by example and drive according to the rules of the road. If a teenager sees their parents speeding, they are much more likely to speed while driving as well. When it comes to influencing your children, your actions speak louder than words.

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