General Liability Insurance Orlando

  • General liability will protect you in the case of claims regarding damage or an injury caused by the insured person during the course of business.
  • This coverage generally falls into one of four categories: personal injury, property damage, advertising injury, or bodily injury. It’s important to note that libel and slander fall under personal injury.

Tips to remember when considering a general liability policy:

  • This type of insurance is regularly bundled with other insurance policies, which ensures your coverage in a variety of areas and may reduce premiums.
  • The premium will be based partly on past claim history and any risk factors.
  • Coverage will trigger when a claim is filed and the insurance company will generally conduct a full investigation to ensure that there is no fraud.  This allows your business to continue functioning even in the middle of the claims process.
  • The amount of coverage needed. It’s important to consider the amount of protection your business would like in order to refrain from using company funds to pay for any lawsuits.
  • A general liability policy will likely not protect your business in the case of claims of professional negligence or gross errors.
  • General liability insurance is coverage that provides important protection against multiple liabilities, which can give a business owner a solid peace of mind.
  • Policies typically cover not only the cost of claims but the cost of those claims being settled or defended in court.

Although it is hard to predict whether an Orlando business will ever need to use the coverage on a general liability insurance policy, the coverage will be extremely valuable in the event of a claim. Since the policy covers damage as the result of normal business operations as well as products manufactured by the company, it is critical to insure the risk of business operation. Should the business become involved in a liability claim without coverage, the financial costs could be devastating. Incorporating a general liability policy into your plan will provide valuable protection for your business and is a critical component in your insurance package.

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